Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain
Goldilocks Chain

Goldilocks Chain

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* Fabulous gold chain with interlocking cirlcets of varying sizes

* Brass with 18k gold

* All recycled metals

* Recycled and recyclable box

* Upcycled silk sari bag for safe keeping


This bold and striking chain is a statement piece that exudes a certain distinctive Italian style and sophistication. Comprised of three interlocking gold circlets of varying sizes, it adds an unusual and eye-catching touch to any ensemble. Fastened with a handsome hook, it offers both elegance and practicality.

This versatile chain complements a wide range of outfits and occasions, effortlessly elevating any look with its unique design. For a complete and coordinated ensemble, matching earrings crafted from sterling silver and gold are available separately. Together, they create a cohesive and chic jewelry set that is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression.


The metal has a self patterned texture to it which makes it really interesting and the length fully extended is 56 mm, although the hook can be fastened on any of the loops and can be worn at the front or back.  The size of the loops is  26mm, 18mm and 12 mm, 

The metal is brass with one micron of 18k gold vermeil.  The reason we use brass on some of our chains is that it makes them much more affordable, without affecting the look.

All Gem Bazaar pieces come in a handsome, branded, recycled and recyclable box. 

Nothing complements a woman’s skin like a gemstone

Gemstones used to be known as semi precious, but these days all gemstones are considered precious as all are rare and their supply is limited. Over the centuries, these gemstones have become associated with great power, beauty and certain healing properties which is one of the many reasons women value them so highly.

Gem Bazaar currently use about fifty different gemstones, although there are many more. Some of the most popular and well known are listed below, along with their origin, meaning and healing properties. Their value is based on what is known as the four ‘C’s’ ~ Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut.

Authentic gems
  • We use only real & authentic gem stones
  • Each gemstone has powerful healing & spiritual properties
  • Cut and sourced in Jaipur, a world centre for gemstones
Exclusive designs
  • Designed in the studio in England
  • Handcrafted in Jaipur by artisans skilled in the jewellery~making traditions of the Maharajas
  • Only made in small batches
Family business
  • Family owned and managed
  • 150 years of family history in India
  • Long established relationships with our workshops
  • All our metals are recycled
  • All our packaging is recycled, recyclable & upcycled
  • We plant a tree with every order
Charitable giving
  • We support the charity Future Hope giving the street children of Kolkata a home, an education and a future
  • We are an earth positive company working with Green Spark
  • Returns policy - 30 day money back guarantee
  • One year money back guarantee for anything that is faulty
  • UK next day, and speedy global, delivery
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Customer Reviews

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Katya Allott
Goldilocks by name Goldilocks by nature

This is a stunning necklace. I simply love it. I later treated myself to the earrings too just because I love it so much.