Offering hope and a future to the street children of India

Our chosen charity Future Hope

In 1987 Tim Grandage was the Bank Manager of an HSBC branch in Kolkata when he befriended a group of street children who looked after his car. They were some of the thousands of solo children who eke out a living on the streets of Kolkata and the platforms of the vast Howrah Station. Tim could not turn a blind eye so he started taking the children into his home, and soon 35 of them were sleeping on his floor. Within two years Tim had left the Bank and started the charity Future Hope.

Building bright new futures

Over three decades since then, more than 3000 street children’s lives have been utterly transformed. Future Hope now have six homes for over 140 residential children; along with a school and a medical, arts and sports program. The achievments of the alumni of Future Hope, their families, their jobs, their successes have not only improved their own lives beyond measure but broken the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Want to help Future Hope?

I was born and brought up in Kolkata, where I knew Tim and his wife Erika, so when it came to choosing a Gem Bazaar charity, it was clear. Stephen and I take enormous pleasure in being able to support Future Hope with every purchase of our jewellery.

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