My family's history with India dates back to the the late 1870’s. This precious heritage has been the inspiration for our family business. My father and grandfather spent their lifetimes living and working in India, and I was born and brought up there, leaving only in my twenties. Our jewels are a celebration of our love-affair with this land.


We are a family business with family values

Gem Bazaar is all about family. My husband has financial and sales expertise, our daughter is our main model and I am the creative designer. We have been working with the same small workshops in Jaipur from the beginning. Now they are almost family too.

Trust and relationship are at the heart of the business. The early roots of Gem Bazaar were fostered in the New Market in Kolkata at an iconic jewellery store run by a refugee from Tibet. I learnt from this humane and gentle woman that business is every bit as much about relationships as it is about products.

My family history in India goes back over 150 years. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, where my family lived. India runs deep in our blood. Growing up in India is all about the senses - the sights, smells, sounds, tastes and colours of this exotic country.


All Gem Bazaar jewellery is designed to be glamorous and eye-catching. It is intergenerational and reflects the many moods of a woman, from simple everyday earrings to statement wear; from the ultra modern to a vintage vibe. We hope that each piece of Gem Bazaar jewellery, with its unique and beautiful gemstones, is valued and treasured, and passed from mother to daughter, as mine did for me.

All our earrings are made in recycled .925 sterling silver with 1 micron of recycled 18k gold vermeil. Our rings have 2.5 microns of recycled 18k gold vermeil. We tell you which metals and gemstones are used in each piece.

The design process starts in the studio in the UK and is completed in the workshops in Jaipur. Most pieces are entirely made by hand, some just the gemstones are set by hand. All our pieces are only ever made in small batches.

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Our chosen charity Future Hope

We support Future Hope, a charity dear to our hearts, which gives the street children of Kolkata an education, a home and a family.

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And finally we recognise our One Earth Family, which behooves us to take care of this one precious earth on which we all live. We are forever mindful of the impact our business is having on the environment. All our metals are recycled; We are committed to minimal travel, having developed ways of designing long distance. The bags we use are recycled saris and our packaging is all recycled and recyclable. We do not use child labour and we love that we are giving employment where it is needed. Every time you make a purchase, a tree is planted.

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